Mitchell Cooling USA

We at Mitchell Cooling have a variety of products to choose from, although our main manufacturer vendor is Bryant but we also cater and provide other brands as well. All depending on your price range and what type you are looking for. Let us help you with trying to find the right brand and power for your home.

With many brands on the market it can get hard trying to find the right one for your home, within your budget and without us being there to recommend the best option we have decided to give you some information on what the systems do.

After finding the brand, each one carries more information like the SEER AND BTU’s. 

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, what this means is the performance of the system. They also depend on a scale from 13-24 to determine if they are efficient. Basic performance falls around 13-15 meaning the unit is loud and not strong enough to cool the entire house. 16-19 SEER is better, this is where the noise is less and the home as a whole can cool down. The best SEERs are those around 20-24. This is created by Standard and premium brands. This range is the quietest as well as the ones that produce attic like cold. 

The other aspect of purchasing a system comes from BTU’s which means British Thermal Unit. What this entails is the amount of heat require to heat or cool one pound of water 1 degree Fahrenheit when the water is at sea level. The more BTU’S the more power the system has to cool or heat the home. BTU’S can start anywhere from 18,000 to 24,000 and is based on the amount of heat the unit removes from your home hourly. The largest BTU’s are around 60,000 for residential units. 

Although we recommend the higher end brand with more powerful systems, at the end it will always be the customers final say. Those factors would be determined by how big your home is and how much one is willing to spend on the units.