Mitchell Cooling USA

We help maintain the system so it stays working efficiently for a longer period of time. How we achieve this goal is by doing a routine inspection of the system, recommended twice a year as the seasons change from hot to cold. As well as inspection we would also recommend upgrades to certain parts like thermostats. 

Newer models are not only better in controlling the air flow and temperature but also can even be done remotely. We have installed many “Nest” thermostats because of this. 

Maintenance of the system is always recommended even if you don’t feel like there is a problem, because the problem can be solved sooner with a few changes in parts than later when the entire system must be replaced. 

We also recommend having your vents cleaned every two years. This is so the air circulation is always at its best and so clear off any dust particles, pollen or animal hair that has settled in your air ducts.