Mitchell Cooling USA

As homeowners, we stride to keep our homes clean. We clean the outsides of our homes by mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. We clean the insides of our home as well by  organizing and cleaning the surfaces. We even go as far as to call specialists in order to fix problems when they occur in the home. But we never truly question the air quality inside our homes. We assume the air is clean and if it circulates inside there shouldn’t be any problems. The fact is that there can even be problems with the air you breathe inside. Most people don’t realize how pollen and other allergens as well as viruses can enter the home just by opening the window or the front door. Not just that but many times, animals can enter through the vent system and stay inside the air ducts. Many people don’t pay attention to this because it is something many don’t see or even smell. This is where we come in with our cleaning system.


Our team provides the most thorough air duct cleaning system. We clean each register as well as the main system thoroughly. This being the basic package we offer. The time to normally clean the air duct system depends on the size of the home. Average price would be around $380.


We use multiple types of disinfectant depending on the choice of the customer. This normally runs at around $130.

Evironcon is used to eliminate any odors that may have been building up in the duct system. The product is safe to use and has one of the lowest toxicity and safety ratings by EPA.


Many people don’t realize the amount of lint that gathers behind the dryers in every home. The issue with this accumulation lies in the fact that if there is too much, it can begin damaging the drying process or even worse create a fire. We recommend typically every two years to get a clean-up.  This runs an average of $180.


Although many aren’t aware. The bathroom exhaust fan is a different unit apart from the rest of the house. It creates its own dust, and has its own vent system. It is recommended to be cleaned every two years. This helps the motor run smoother and last longer, as well as perform its function to its best capacity.


Dirt gathers in many places, one of them is the furnace blower wheel. This part of the furnace pushes the air in and out of the system. Because this part is constantly moving, built up can cause slowdowns in the system itself and shorten the lifespan of the furnace as a whole. We recommend a clean-up if your system isn’t working correctly, there is a possibility it is the dust and not much of the system.


During these unprecedented times we as people have come to realize the importance of not only being clean but also sanitizing the air we breathe outside and most importantly indoors. UV lights have been around for a while, predominantly used in hospitals and labs to sanitize the air, and kill viruses when they enter the vent system.