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Many people don’t know this but Air Conditioners also known as “split systems” are two systems that work together in order to cool down the interior of your house. One is outside the home while the other is inside the house, these are called condenser and evaporator coils.


What an Air Conditioning, or A/C system does is not what many people think. An a/c unit is designed to suction the hot air off the room and then blow cold air out, both actions are done by two different units. The evaporator coil’s job is to take the heat being suctioned from the room and condense it into water, this is done with coolant liquid.


Both coils are used simultaneously, while the evaporator coil sucks up the hot air the condenser coil releases it into the outside air. This creates the cold feeling of your home. If one breaks then they would either need to be replaced or repaired.