Did you know ventilation is the least expensive and most energy-efficient way to cool a home?

As the season begins to change and the weather gets hotter, we also notice the billing of electricity begin to rise as well. With this, here are some money saving tips to lower that cost of electricity while also lowering the heat inside your home.  

Natural Ventilation

This is also known as the chimney effect. This works well in high celling, windy locations. Mostly by the beach. The cool wind enters the home from the bottom floors and rises to the top floors. The top floors should have their windows open in order for the wind to pass through.


Another good alternative is buying a fan for the home. Fans don’t normally help in the sense of cooling the entire home, but it does help cooling down people individually.

Whole House Fans

These fans are a bit different than the regular fans one can purchase at Walmart or Target because these fans fit the entire house. These are normally located in the attic of the home. Once they turn on, they can generate huge winds that suck up the air from the home. For this, homes need to have open windows in order for the air to cool down inside. 

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